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The dead came looking for paradise
They were from everywhere, they came from nowhere
Now-here, nothingness
They were outlaws, soldiers, children born without souls
They were martyrs, pilgrims, settlers and homesteaders

They came from Hell to conquer a billion worlds
They came from Earth and they were refugees, desperate to
Escape Eden, Heaven, and -- God

And the dead could not be stopped
And the dead could not be destroyed
And the dead would not work
Because they were dead and they came only
For the free food and -- consolation prizes
You dig?

It was the last of the great exoduses; the biggest secret
No one ever bothered to keep, because
No one believed it anyway, man

And they prayed for the bombs to fall
They vowed to live and die by the gun, and the sword -- forever!
They were fugitives from justice, from the law
From natural law

And the dead knew the big secret
They were in on the plan
The Earth they told us was a prison
And death would not free us from its deadly
Kung-Fu grip

You and I were created to suffer because our suffering is the juice
That drives the engine and makes the machine “work”
You were born to die and be born again and
Die and -- be born again
Forever and ever, over and over -- AMEN

But what if the barrier could be destroyed somehow?
Could a vampire god trap a soul in a prison
Like grains of sand, slipping between its fingers
In a strong galactic wind?

True death, soul death, final death, freedom!
And the dead lined up to leave, as fast as they came in
Faster even
They were ready to penetrate the veil of Heaven
They were ready to pierce the mouth of night
They were ready to break-on-through
To go beyond “space” and -- into “time”
Which is really the same thing anyway, brother

The dead proclaimed themselves lords of their own creation
They were ready to never-be-reborn
They were ready to color -- outside the lines
And live forever
In a verse of their own making
By their own designs


from US AGAINST OURSELVES, released October 12, 2012


all rights reserved



The Church of Entertainment Hedonism Denver, Colorado

The Church of Entertainment Hedonism is Chance Derek Gregory and Skot Pollok.

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